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Our mission is to make it
safer and easier for all
collectors to collect
Our mission is to bring together collectors and enthusiasts to safely buy, sell and connect

Our MO

About Whatnot

We believe today’s marketplaces encourage cold, unsafe transactions. On Whatnot, we want to bring people together over their shared interests and hobbies, and make it easy and safe to connect, buy & sell. Join us in this journey to build the best marketplace for collectors & enthusiasts on the internet.

Our Team

Who We Are

Whatnot was started by a founding team of collectors and entrepreneurs. They started Whatnot after spending years collecting and working on online marketplaces. They were frustrated with the cold, unsafe nature of today’s marketplaces and built Whatnot to solve these problems.


The Founding Team

Founding Engineer
Founding Designer

Made with ❤️ in Los Angeles.

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We're always looking for your feedback to make the product better.

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