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Whatnot is a community marketplace where you can safely buy, sell & go live

Every item is verified

Every item you purchase is verified. Sellers can’t upload photos, and our team reviews products, sellers and more to cut out counterfeits.

Buy, Bid or Offer

You can buy items, bid in live auctions, or make sellers offers.

Hand Verification

For high-priced items, they’re sent to us first if the seller isn’t verified. We want to cut out any funny business.

It's Delivered to You

Authenticity is guaranteed, or your money back.

Questions? Contact us.

Why Buy Here

Fun: Hangout with other collectors & enthusiasts in live streams and auctions.

Safe: Don’t worry about getting scammed, we verify every item sold.

Easy: Easily find and buy what you’re looking for in a couple clicks. Don’t scrolls through hundreds of listings to find the exact item you want.

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Why Sell Here

Tools: We’re building a new wave of seller tools like live shopping & auctions to keep you connected with buyers.

Safer: We have the strongest seller protections, and unlike most marketplaces, if there’s a dispute, we don’t always side with the buyer.

Easier: There’s no need to build out a fancy profile, or even create a full listing for a product. With just a few taps you put a product up for sale.

Made with ❤️ in Los Angeles.

Have Feedback?

We're always looking for your feedback to make the product better.

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